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And She Left

And She Left

It may be called Aakash’s tryst with destiny or his ill fate that he was not able to share his feelings for her as she left. It was only since a couple month back that they had met for first time and they knew each other as well as if they had never been apart. He still remembers their first meeting when he was taken to a hospital after he met an accident. Aakash instantly fell for the beauty of the face that e saw there. It was not his fault; Dr. Rashi was such a charismatic lady that it was almost impossible for anyone to resist themselves from admiring it. She was the doctor who took care of Aakash there in hospital. They gradually started interacting more and more regarding his recovery.

As it is said, you should never hide anything from a lawyer and a doctor, Aakash started sharing his thoughts, ideas, grudges and even his sorrows with her. Rashi too heard him patiently and gave him suggestions on his thoughts. They had slowly developed a friendship and even more importantly an understanding between them. Initially Rashi hesitated to share any personal thoughts with him but then soon she too started sharing her thoughts with him.

Ten days later, when Aakash was discharged from hospital, it was believed that it would be just the end of another doctor-patient relationship, but they continued to meet each other though not in hospital  but outside as friends. They would work in their respective jobs throughout the day and then meet each other in the evening. The friendship between the two grew stronger every day. Though both never admitted to each other, they had developed a liking for each other. They continued to see each other for about one and a half month without sharing their feelings

Finally one day, Aakash decided to confess about his feelings to Rashi. He waited for Rashi at very same place where he picked her but she was late today. After waiting for about an hour, he decided to make a call to her but the phone was switched off. He then called at hospital to enquire about her and was told that she had left on her usual time. He continued to wait when he received a call from Rashi. His hands trembled as he ended the call. He suddenly rushed to hospital when he got to know that Rashi met an accident and is in serious condition. He ran through the hospital to reach the emergency ward but was too late to reach as Rashi had lost her battle with the life. This shock came to him as a lightning strike that shook his whole world. He was not able to console himself, thinking that the one to whom he was going to confess his love had left him alone forever for his life.